My DaVinci Gourmet Favourite GREEN APPLE CAMPAGNA

Satoko Hirotsu|Japan

Satoko Hirotsu started her career as a barista in Vancouver. Since then, revolutionizing the art of mixology has become her creative intuition. At DaVinci Gourmet, she develops new applications, blending diverse flavours into elegant, well-balanced beverages for global chain customers to add value to their business.

What does it provide to your masterpieces?

Imagine the taste of freshly picked countryside green apple with a perfect balance of tartness and juicy sweetness in your drink.

What is the ‘Signature’ that will make you stand apart?

This is the most natural tasting green apple syrup in the market, as it delivers more tart, crisp green apple flavour with just the right amount of sweetness. Making this syrup highly versatile and easy to use.

“ The most natural tasting green apple syrup in the market ”

Matcha Green Apple Fizz

Drink Description:

Taste the well-balanced and unique combination of Lime peel, Green Apple and Matcha in this creation. The light bitter note from Lime peel when combined with the crisp fresh Green Apple accentuate the fruity notes in fresh Matcha. Enjoy this perfect Zen moment for you in a glass.

DaVinci Gourmet Ingredients:

Other Ingredients:
  • Fresh Lime Juice 5ml
  • Soda 45g
  • Tonic Water 45ml
  • Water 30ml
  • Lime Peel Garnish
  • Shiso Flower Garnish

  • In a Shaker, combine Matcha and water, mix well and shake with ice.
  • In a glass, combine Green Apple Syrup, Fresh Lime Juice.
  • Add tonic and soda, stir lightly to prevent gas from escaping
  • Add ice, strain shaken matcha over ice, garnish with Shiso Flower and Lime Peel

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